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New Year, New Car: A Buyer's Guide

Car manufacturers typically offer good New Year sales, and they’re worth investigating if you’re just thinking about buying a car or you’re ready to purchase one.

Here’s a buyer’s guide for the New Year. It’ll help you select the right car for you.
  1. Know your cost. Before you hit the dealership, know what your general budget is. It’ll help you stick to the car models that fit within…
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Car Parts to Know

Don’t think much about what’s under the hood? It’s handy to know some basic carts parts, especially when it’s time to buy a new or used car or if your vehicle needs repairs.

In this continuing series on car parts drivers need to know, we’re covering some essential parts, like the muffler, catalytic converter and alternator.
Car parts you should know

Without the muffler, your car would be insanely…
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Handy Car Parts You’ll Be Glad to Know

You don’t need to know so much about car parts that you could pass a mechanic’s test. But every driver should have a basic knowledge about car parts in case the vehicle breaks down and you need to replace a part. The ability to “talk shop” with your mechanic will go a long way.

Here are some of the parts you should know:
  • Transmission. A large car part, both in size and importance…
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How to Save on Car Insurance

The sticker price and any additional add-on features you purchase for your car are not the only expenses related to owning the vehicle. You should also consider the insurance payment you’ll owe on the car before you buy.

Insurance is a necessary evil. You must purchase it, but it also protects you from huge repair bills if you get into an accident.

Here our are best tips for saving on car insurance:
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Vehicle Updates: Do You Have to Bother With Them?

You’ve learned of their importance for your phone and computer, but now, software updates for your vehicle are also required.

As more vehicles become Wi-Fi- or 4G-connected to facilitate self-parking and performance features and more, drivers may wonder if they need to download vehicle updates.

The risks
As with anything that’s connected to the internet, there’s a safety risk for connected cars. So just like your phone and computer, your vehicle is…
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Are You Ready for the Car of the Future?

Major car manufacturers are working toward the car of the future, specifically, one that will automatically get updated over-the-air (OTA).

Millions of lines of code are already generated to run the infotainment system and navigation feature. While the software is generally ready-to-go upon purchase, OTA updates mean car manufacturers could add more features to your car after you take it home and improve existing ones.

By 2020, it’s expected that over 150 million cars…
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13 Fun Car Facts

I bet you take your car for granted. You get inside, turn on the ignition, and go.

But a lot goes on behind the scenes that’s allowed you to get where you are with your car today.

Learn some fun facts about vehicles and share them with your friends!
Car facts 101
1.The first cars produced did not have a steering wheel. They had a lever. To start the engine, you had to…
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Car Parts Every Driver Should Know

Knowledge is power, and nothing could be truer than when owning a vehicle. If you aren’t savvy about the mechanics of a car, now’s the time to brush up!

Here are some of the car parts every driver should know and how they function.

The battery
This little powerhouse is the part that starts the engine. This function uses less than 5 percent of the battery’s charge. However, even as battery technology…
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