Teen Driver Education: How to Save on Gas

Even if your parents pay for your gas, or provide a gas budget, sooner or later, you’ll be footing the bill for your car’s fuel.

You’ll want to respect your gas budget and do what you can to save on fuel, now and in the future. Here’s how to ensure that you get the most out of every gallon.

●Turn the vehicle off if you’re going to be stopped for a while, because idling wastes gas.
●Keep the car as light as possible, as heavier loads will mean your car has to consume more gas.
●When you’re on the highway, don’t keep the windows open if you can. Doing so will decrease the aerodynamics of the car, increase drag and lead to higher gas consumption.
●The air conditioner consumes gas, so use it only when necessary.
●In the winter time, wait several minutes before turning on the heat. The heater won’t be warmed up yet, and running the unit eats up gas and decreases the car’s fuel efficiency.
●Always opt to park in the shade when it’s hot. The hot summer will cause the gas to evaporate through the tank. At home, if you have one, always park in the garage.
●When filling up the car with gas, don’t try to “top it off.” Any extra gas you try to put in will simply spill over. Keep the gas cap tight at all times, too, so that gas doesn’t slosh out of the tank.
●Check the air in your tires frequently. Under-inflated tires create more pull and cause the car to consume more gas to run.
●Keep the air filter clean by changing it frequently. Once it becomes dirty, your miles per gallons will decrease.

Be kind to your parents and the environment. Get to know practices that lead to higher gas consumption and follow tips for optimal fuel efficiency. Your parents and future self will thank you! To inquire about a vehicle with optimal gas mileage, give the People Pleasin’ folks at Park Auto Group a call today!

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